Premier Printing Corporation

The Premier Printing Story

Over 35 years ago my father, Jerry Trombo, realized his dream of owning his own printing company. He bought a used Chandler Price letterpress, borrowed a friend’s horse trailer, and moved the press into our garage.

Our first order was from General Electric. They needed somebody to print a price increase on several of their finished light bulb boxes. No printer would touch that nightmare. Jerry’s can-do attitude landed him the order and all of a sudden a few pieces ended up being over 4 million pieces. These had to be hand fed into the press at 800 pieces/hour twice! Needless to say, we had to move into a real building. For my brother Jeff and me, 1974 was a long summer… working 10 hour days 7 days a week. That’s a lot of work for a 13 and 15 year old!

From that point on, the tiny company slowly but steadily grew. We moved from one building to the next, but were always rooted in the eastern suburbs of Ohio. My brother and I always stayed involved with the printing company while finishing high school and graduating from a 4-year liberal arts college with business degrees and an art degree. After college we decided to join our dad full time and see how far we could take the business.

Well, I’m proud to say we’re not in the garage anymore. Our two Heidelberg presses fit nicely in our new 25,000 sq. ft facility. We have our wonderful customers to thank for our growth and success. It has been a labor of love from the beginning, but as our father always told us, the customer always comes first. That has not changed.

Jim Trombo

Premier IS People

  • Coleen
    Customer service, proof reading queen.

    Coleen can find a typo in a 1000 page Spanish catalog while answering the phone and processing orders. We're talking serious multi-tasking!

  • Ken

    Nobody makes a Heidelberg sing like Kenny!

  • George

    Bindery Specialist

    With over 30 years of experience, George has seen and mastered virtually every binding challenge created!